If your child is undergoing a complex procedure, or if they get extremely nervous about going to the dentist, Drs. White, Lance and Dryden may recommend IV sedation. While very effective, this form of sedation is completely safe for children and allows your child to remain conscious but unaware of their procedure. And because we offer in-office IV sedation in Heber City, Utah, your child can receive calming, professional dental care in the same familiar environment. Please contact us today at 435-315-3080 if you have questions and to schedule your child’s appointment.

If your child feels nervous about going to the dentist, he or she may benefit from IV sedation. This form of sedation does not make your child unconscious, but he or she may not remember much of what happens during the treatment. Your child may slur their words, and they may fall asleep during the treatment as well.

IV is a moderate form of sedation, and it is quick acting because it is administered directly through a vein, unlike nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Our pediatric dentists are also able to easily adjust the level of sedation throughout the procedure, so you can rest assured that your child will be comfortable throughout their appointment. The effects of IV sedation often last 12-24 hours, so be certain to have a family member or other responsible adult available to stay with your child following their treatment.

IV sedation is a great choice for our young patients who suffer from dental anxiety. This anxiety may be caused by fear of the unknown in a new treatment, or from the normal smells, sounds, and sights of a dental office. If your child experiences dental anxiety, please contact our office today and find out whether IV sedation is a good choice for your child. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.